Post #2 or ‘What project?’

Today I decided to clear up a few things. To keep things simple, this will be an FAQ format post. Please note that the information given here can change throughout the development. First of all, the name of this mysterious project. Right now the title is E.L.S. (Pronounced ‘E, El, Es’ or ‘ELSE’). The three letters is actually an acronym and just for fun, I’ll let you decipher what ELS stands for.


What is E.L.S about? 

It’s about a normal citizen caught in a global crisis which hit Earth. If you enjoy playing games that force you to make tough decisions which have a real impact on the game world, you will enjoy playing ELS. I will have more to say about the story when the game is at least 50% complete.


Where did the idea of E.L.S come from?

A combination of games and movies. More on this later.


How will E.L.S play?

Right now, E.L.S plays like a turn-based RPG. With that said, there will be no magic, kids with spiky hair or absurdly large swords. It will be primarily played from the first person perspective with some possible third-person sections.


When will E.L.S be released?

When its done. That won’t happen anytime soon. It’s just me working, with the development taking place after work or on the weekends. The total hours I can commit to the project are very small. I assure you that work is being done, slowly but surely.


Will there be a Beta or a playable demo of E.L.S?

No promises in this area. If enough people show interest in ELS, we may launch a beta.

Currently, the only way to see the game is by getting involved in it’s development. If you like the sound of E.L.S and you think you have the skills and time to commit – give us a shout! I will give a list of the sort of people we are looking for in post #3.


Who are the people working on E.L.S?

Right now its just me, but two of my school/college friends are aware of what I’m doing. They are interested, but currently busy with exams and other personal matters so cannot commit time to the project. This is fine for now, since the project just begun. I will be able to build it up on my own until more people are needed.


These are all of the questions I can answer for now. It will be nice to look back and see how many of these things changed. Next month, its all about the tech side of things. If you don’t like the sound of that, fear not! There will be non-tech information as well. Maybe I will even say what E.L.S stands for?